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fmDotNet is a .NET 2.0 DLL to facilitate interacting with data hosted on FileMaker Server Advanced from any .NET project.  fmDotNet uses FileMaker's XML publishing for this.

For those familiar with fx.php, fm-and-php or the FileMaker PHP API, fmDotNet is very similar to those tools.   But fmDotNet is not limited to custom web publishing.  fmDotNet can just as easily be used in desktop applications, ASP.NET web sites, web services, and any number of mobile platforms.


Download it here:  Please post all your comments, bug reports and features request on this project page too.  You'll also find an example Desktop application, complete with source code in both VB.NET and C#.  This demo application shows the basic concepts of using fmDotNet in your projects: finding and showing records & pictures, editing records, creating new records, delete records, run scripts.


License: Common Public License Version 1.0.  Feel free to download and use the DLL and/or the source code (fmDotNet is written in C#) but please send me whatever changes you make to the source code so I can incorporate your changes and make fmDotNet better.


View the online help file here.  A copy of the help file is included in the download.


Want to know more about .NET?  Start at the Microsoft MSDN site:


What else will you need: a coding environment.  You can use Microsoft Visual Studio but there are free alternatives like the Visual Studio Express editions. If you want to develop on OSX, Linux (and even Windows) you can use the open source MonoDevelop available from the Mono project main page.


Version history:


11APR2010 - tested with FileMaker Server 11 & Mono-compatible version

fmDotNet version 0.9.5 has been tested with FileMaker Server 11. There is now also a Mono-compatible version available. The only difference is that the Mono version does not include the functionality to transform a .NET data set to an ADODB recordset. The demo applications provided here builds on Mono without any issues. The screenshot below is taken on OSX 10.5.8. The FileMaker file is hosted on FMS 11 running on OSX, the fmDotNet demo application runs on the Mono 2.6.3 framework:

Note that as of FileMaker Server version 9, all XML requests can be performed against the regular version of FileMaker Server. Since fmDotNet leverages off the FileMaker XML web publishing engine this means that you do not need FileMaker Server Advanced to work with fmDotNet.



09JAN2008 - version 0.9.5

  1. Added support for non-US date/timestamp formats.

  2. New overload to call the fmDotNet class now allow to specify a time-out (how long to wait for FileMaker Server to respond) and whether or not to use DTD validation on the XML returned by FMS.

  3. Fully compatible with FileMaker Server 9.  Remember to turn DTD validation off when communicating with FMS 9 due to a bug in XML returned by that version of FMSA.

  • UPDATE: As of FMSA 9.0v3 you can leave DTD validation on, the bug has been fixed by FileMaker Inc.

  1. Many Thanks to Koen Van Hulle, John Blakeley and Kenyon Porter for their contributions to this release.


17MAY2006 - version 0.9.3

  1. fixed a bug in the createEditRequest routine.


20APR2006 - version 0.9.1

  1. added a new method: ConvertDStableToRS.  Converts the standard .NET DataSet into an ADO RecordSet for use with non-.NET widgets like the Microsoft Office Web Components.

  2. fixed a bug fmDotNet would not properly handle all FM data types.

bullet 14MAR2006 - initial release 0.9.0